Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello, it's me.

Anna Elizabeth.

I suppose I could tell you some deep meaningful things about me, but if you want that, head over to my personal bio (this should be coming later, sorry). As for now, let me tell you some seemingly meaningless things about me. Perhaps you'll get to know me better for it.

1- As I type this, I am wearing my Dad's sweater. It is large and navy blue and much too big for me. It is comfortable, though, and I wore it on a whim today - such a good decision on my part.
2- I'm also wearing a Prefect badge, because, yes, I have one.
3- I'm sitting next to the fire, one of my favorite places in my house. It is warm and cozy and makes me happy.
4- I'm not a big fan of Parmesan cheese on pastas. Don't know why, but I'm just... not.
5- I've always secretly wanted to be in percussion or drum line.
6- My left sock currently has a hole where the big toe goes. It's quite uncomfortable.
7- I'm double jointed in my thumbs. I feel kind of cool about this.
8- Today in Health, I learned I am an "Emotional Eater" This means I eat depending on how my emotions are. For example, if I'm in a terribly mood, I might turn to chocolate ice cream for comfort. But, I'm also largely a "Hyper...responsive" ...I think it is? Basically, I have really bad eating habits.
10- I secretly paint. Not many people know this about me, but it's true. I love it.
11- I'm an avid doodler.
12- I can fake a pretty good British accent. One time, I did it for a whole week at a Leadership Camp. It was awesome. Now all the people on Lehi's Student Council think I'm British.
13- I still play make believe. You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not. My cousin and I play this game called "Lewis City". It's make believe for grown ups, and it's fun.

And now, I feel I should say something incredibly inspirational. However, I can't really think of any good Ghandi quotes off the top of my head, so I'll just leave you with this:

I hope you're having a lovely day.

Truly, I do. I hope today, stressful and busy as it might have been, was rewarding. I hope you did something that was meaningful. Maybe you served another human. Smiled at a cute boy/girl? Complimented someone. Scored really well on that test you've been studying so hard for.

Put a smile on that face of yours. Whether you think so or not, I'm sure you did something great today.

Much love,
Anna Elizabeth

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Becky Arnell said...

This is so cute.. I love the way you two express your opinions, and love reading your blogs... they always put a smile on my face, and give me that extra boost that we all just seem to need sometimes. Thank you girls :)