Wednesday, December 29, 2010


.....Add on? Addon? Add-on?! What is the correct way to spell this word? Is it a word?

Bah. I don't know.

Obviously, Addon is not correct. I know it's not one word. But, hey! It looks like some cool trendy baby name for a celebrity's son! Angelina, Madonna - you're welcome.

Oh, sorry. I deviate from my point (which you really don't know yet).

So. Adding on. That's what I'm doing. Adding to the list.

The lovely list. Isn't it great? Why, I think so. See, this is why I asked Caroline to post again. Because I'm not as cool as she is. Because really, folks - she's so cool.

As soon as I saw the list, I immediately thought of someone who must be on there. Must!

So here is my Addon:


full name: Gilbert Blythe
memorable quote: "Things can't go on like this any longer. Anne, I love you. You know I do. I-I can't tell you how much. Will you promise me that someday you'll be my wife?"
book: Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables series, volume 3), by L. M. Montgomery

If I could meet any fictional character, it would probably be Gil.... Like, really. You know what I love about him? He's such a gentleman, as men of that time period tended to be. I wish I could live back then, sometimes (not just because of the men, of course - the dresses, the simplicity, the classy feel). I often wish I lived long ago. Then I remember flushing toilets and I feel content again.

...Ahem. Gilbert.

And you know what else? He's not some totally perfect man. He makes mistakes, and does some stupid things. He's human. Which I think is pretty attractive (girls, this is why Edward is a terrible choice for expectations). Gil does sometimes doesn't treat Anne as he should. Mostly when they're young, but still. He gets confused and complicates their relationship. He sometimes doesn't communicate correctly. He snubs her out of revenge. He attempts to make her feel jealous.

He's just a normal guy. Married to Anne Shirley, my idol. Gee, do I wish I was her sometimes.

Anna Elizabeth

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so...I fell in love with a book again...

which probably happens too often. I have several potential love-interests lined up in several works of literature.
(also, SURPRISE! It's me. Caroline. Anna threw down the gauntlet and said, "Carl? Get off your behind and start posting. Or else." So, what could I do? I hope you don't mind.)


As I was saying.

Have you ever fallen in love with...a fictional character? Because...I have. Many times. It's the hair, it's the eyes, it's the crooked smile that looks just right...mmmmmmMMAAaaannd it's...A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. And yet...I don't seem to care. I just fall in love again.

AND IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD. Oh, of course, the author describes several things about the character that I love [see: hair, eyes, crooked smile]. The personality, the charming quirks, the oh-my-gosh-why-can't-he-just-appear-right-now-in-front-of-me  factor...

So Anna and I read this book. Within a few days of each other. This book is called Anna and the French Kiss. This author wrote it. (cue: click on the word author. Right now. I promise you'll be happy you did. Ok, come on, click the link, and then come back to this post...waiting...waiting...ok. Good job. Now, wasn't that worth it?) Lemme just say...before my maturity gets the better of me...


A'hem. (wow. two "a'hems" in one post? I must be kind of distracted or something.)

To furthur explain my point, (see above), this character is

an American boy with a French name and an English accent.

I mean...COME ON. What defense do I have against that? And she knew! She knew I would fall in love with him! 

Go read the book. Now.

Anna and I also read this other book. It's called Paranormalcy. (Ooh!! Fun-side-story/attention-deficit time: I KNOW the author. (cue: click on author again.) She's so awesome. Anna and I are really good friends with her younger brother, who is our age, which makes us cool too, by association. Right? Of course right.)

And guess what? I fell in love with THAT guy, too.

I'm telling you. It's getting to be a problem. And on that note, I have composed THE LIST.

THE LIST is bound to be altered, added on to, or brought up again, so keep an eye out for it. It is prone to change at any moment, by me or Anna. So. Enjoy! And please, we take suggestions.

 (in no particular order...because how am I supposed to rank or rate them with a number system? Impossible.)

Mr. Darcy
full name: Fitzwilliam Darcy
memorable quote: "You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever."
book: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen (this kind of goes without saying...but the list must be complete.)
Etienne (!!)
full name: Etienne St. Clair
memorable quote: "Will you please tell me you love me? I'm dying here."
book: Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins
Mr. Rochester
full name: Edward Fairfax Rochester
memorable quote: "I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you--especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I've a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly."
book: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
full name: Lend
memorable quote: "Small price to pay for getting to hold your hand."
book: Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White

As I said, this list is far from over. And any suggestions are more than welcome.

Now, please excuse me...I have a date. With the boy in my head. Today it's Mr. Darcy.

Much love,
Caroline Grace

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I'm still in my pajamas.

Merry Christmas!

Anna Elizabeth

Friday, December 24, 2010

Grown-Up Make Believe

Last night, I planned to go see the lights on temple square with friends. Exciting, eh? I think so.

These plans withered and died when only a few of us could make it, we were running late, and realized it would be crazy busy anyway. So instead, we ran over to my house and played a few rousing games of Nertz, which is possibly the best card game ever invented. But eventually we got bored. We tried playing an awesome game my little sister has, but that didn't last long - Christian decided to cheat the system and we realized why these kinds of games are usually meant for children.

We flopped lazily on the couch, staring at nothing in particular, wondering what we should do. Several things were suggested, but most weren't exciting enough for us.

Slowly, a plan started to form. Let me introduce to you the best night I've had in a long while:

Chili's. Table for four.

A meeting "to plan a 5-year high school reunion".

Ordered: Queso and a plate of 4 mini burgers.

4 Characters, dressed appropriately.

Character 1: Julie Murdock Green. Used to be Senior Class Activities Chair. The likable cheerleader in high school - pretty, fun, outgoing, student council, dates all the jocks (but not a player). Got married 3 months out of high school to Rob Green, the love of her life. Now has two children, Max (3), and Amelia (1), with another on the way. Intense cravings (bag packed with chex mix, nuts, water bottle, granola bars, prunes, chocolate), had to use the bathroom often. Clothes: Jeans, tennis shoes, white v-neck and frumpy sweatshirt. Hair pulled hastily back in a messy bun.
Played by: Anna.

Character 2: Chloe Freeman (Chloe pronounced "Clo-ay", everyone at the table gets it wrong). Used to be Senior Class Vice President. The people-pleaser in high school who never had a distinct group. Tried drama, student council, choir, drugs, softball, basketball, everything. A bit of a hippie, all in all. Now works for Samson & Sons Law Firm, doing secretarial work. Clean, organized, put together, attractive. Has dated multiple men over the years for work purposes, in order to get good promotions. Currently dating David, her boss, who plans to take her to New York for Christmas to meet his family (she's also expecting a proposal). Answers work phone calls during dinner, constantly texting David, and skeptical of most at the table. Clothes: Black and white dress, belt, fishnets, purple pumps, peacoat, scarf. Hair slightly curled, make-up perfect.
Played by: Cassidy.

Character 3: Rich (short for Richard). Used to be Senior Class Something. In high school, the all-around consistent, outgoing guy. Friendly and fun. Now married to a girl from Kentucky named Alex. He's just found out she's pregnant, however, and not with his child. Apparently she's been having an affair with a man for months now. Bitter, sad, confused, and quiet. Tries several times throughout the night to order a drink to drown his sorrows, but Chloe gets angry and pulls the drink menu away. Clothes: Dark jeans, belt, black collared shirt, slightly untucked. Hair a bit askew, especially after he returns from a long stay in the bathroom.
Played by: Christian.

Character 4: Sarah. Used to be Senior Class President. Was the bookish, smart, driven, somewhat awkward student in high school. Now, a slut (please excuse my blunt language). Went to Cambridge right after high school, and met a man in the library who she fell in love with. She got pregnant, but had an abortion, and the man left her. She promptly dropped out of college, and took up a new lifestyle. Being fed only through dates, sleeping around with rich men. Arrives at the restaurant half an hour late. Quite taken with Rich (she told us later the goal was to get him to take her home), who is distant at first, but also wants to get revenge on his wife. Clothes: Little black dress, cream jacket, pink heels. Hair wavy and down, make up heavy but still attractive.
Played by: Brynne.

Yes, we played out nearly the entire night as these characters meeting to plan their 5-year reunion. The plot thickened as the night went on.

The rules: No breaking character.

Chloe arrived first, precisely on time. Julie joined her shortly, and they got a table together. The two talked for a while. Chloe was surprised to find out Julie already has kids, and told her she looked good "for already having two" and said she could tell another was on the way (as a side note, I made myself look 8 months pregnant at my house, but my mom wouldn't let me go out in public like that [understandable]. So I was just my regular size. Pregnant, but not showing).

Rich came next, silently sliding in at the table and acting rather cold towards them both. A conversation went something like this:

Julie: How have you been? What have you been up to?

Rich: Well. I'm... married.

Julie: Oh, really?! That's great.

Chloe: To who?

Rich: You don't know her. Different school.

Chloe: We know a lot of people.

Rich: She's from a small town in Kentucky.

Julie: What's her name?

Rich: Alex.

Julie: That's great. And do you guys have any... are you going to have kids?

Rich (has been looking down at menu entire time): Uh... no. I don't think we're going to be having any kids.

He promptly left to go to the bathroom, staying in there for about 10 minutes. As soon as he's gone:

Julie: My gosh, did you see his reaction when I asked about kids??

Chloe: Yeah!

Julie: I bet their close to a divorce or something. (putting hand on chest) That just breaks my heart.

Chloe: Or she can't have kids. That could be it.

Julie: Yeah, but it was like he had emphasis on the fact that he wouldn't have kids with her.

When Rich returned, his shirt was half untucked, his hair frazzled. Sarah joined, and when she walked up our mouths dropped.

The entire night was delightful. Let me just give you a couple snippets:

-Julie: Oh my gosh, I'm so hungry. (reaches into bag and opens bag of chex mix)
Chloe: Julie! You can't do that.
Julie: What?
Chloe: I just... fine. I'm just used to higher end places.
Julie: Want some chex mix?

-I offered chex mix to everyone at the table throughout the course of the night.

-Cass kept getting texts from her boyfriend, and would open them, smiling. It worked though, because her character got cute texts from David.

-(Rich grabs packets of sugar and begins dumping them in his water)
Sarah (flirting): So... is that any good?
(Rich nods, she fills her drink with sugar as well, sips)
Sarah (reach across table to touch Rich's hand): You know, it is good.

-Sarah staring at Rich the entire night.

-Julie DEVOURING any food she comes in contact with.

-Julie excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

-Julie: So Rich, where do you work?
Chloe: Probably the same ice cream shop as always.
(Cass dated a guy named Rich who worked at Maggie Moo's)

-Sarah (checking pockets): Oh, I left my phone...
Julie: Where'd you leave it?
Sarah (pausing): At a... friend's. I was in a rush.

-Julie sniffing food before eating anything.

-Julie: What I wouldn't do for a drink right now...
Chloe: I've been sober for a month, now.
Julie: Oh, good for you!
Chloe: Yeah. My sister and I got in an accident when we were drunk.
Julie: Oh no...
Chloe: Both her legs are broken.

-(Rich reaches across Chloe to grab drink menu)
Chloe: No. No drinking.
Sarah: (sipping sugar water seductively, looking at Rich) Let's get drunk and dance crazily on the tables.
Rich (slowly nodding): Yeah.
Julie: What? No!
Sarah (still staring at Rich): Maybe some other time?
Rich (looks up): ...Yeah. (pause, he nods) Yeah!

-The twist.
(Julie's talking about husband, Rich suddenly looks up)
Rich: Wait, what did you say your new last name was?
Julie: Green.
Rich: And your husband's name is...?
Julie: Rob. Rob Green.
Rich (realization hits him, he covers face and looks down) Where did you say your husband is tonight?
Julie (confused, but it's starting to hit her): Shopping for Christmas while my mom watches the kids...
(awkward pause)
Julie: I think I'll just call Rob real quick... I forgot to tell him to pick some stuff up...

...That's right folks, my husband was cheating on me with Rich's wife! I got his answering machine twice.

-And the best part of the night
The waiter comes out.
Waiter: So, split the bill? Together?
Rich: Don't worry, I've got it.
Julie: Really?
Rich: Yeah.
Brynne (breaking character) CJ??
Awkward pause, she's just referred to Christian, not Rich. We all busted up laughing and the night was over.

Maybe you enjoyed that post, maybe not. Mostly I just wanted to share with people how cool my friends are. We often wonder what normal people do when they're bored.

Go play make believe for adults! It's fun!

Much love,
Anna Elizabeth

P.S. Obviously, Caroline Grace needs to post soon, wouldn't you agree? I think you're all getting tired of me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Everbody, everybody.

About a week and a half ago, I found myself driving a dear friend home. We started talking as we sat in front of her house. I looked at the gas level. Thought about it for a minute. And turned off the car.

We then proceeded to talk for over an hour.

About life. About love. About insecurities. About school. About friends. About everything.

And while we were talking about love, we both brought up how we... love love.

How when we have that feeling of being loved, we adore it. Whether our family shows it to us in a thoughtful way, a cute boy tells us he has romantic feelings for us, a friend gives us a big hug, or anything, really. We all just cling to it.

And I think girls especially. Yes, boys like love, I'm sure. Especially when they find the right one. But there's a reason that chick flicks are the movies about love. There's a reason we love those romantic scenes played out in movies (or real life). There's a reason the first kiss, the proposal holds so much significance for us ladies.

Because we really love love.

And sometimes, I think that can be dangerous.

There are some girls that love it so much, they'd do anything for it. They just throw themselves into the arms of any guy who comes along. They rebound fast as lightning after a break-up.

It's not necessarily that they're insensitive, it's just that they crave that feeling of being loved.

You know the one.

When you know there's that person you can always rely on. Who you can call at anytime and they'll sit and listen. Who will offer you the best advice. Who will laugh with you. Who will laugh at your lame jokes. Who tells you you're beautiful. Who never gets tired of your somewhat lames stories because they're interested in your life.

These girls really want that feeling. In truth, everyone does.


To quote Ingrid:

"Everybody, everybody
wants to love.
Everybody, everybody
wants to be loved."

Oh, truer words were never spoken.

Anna Elizabeth

P.S. I don't claim to be an expert on love. In fact, I've never even experienced it. And I know that. I don't like the phrase "I love you" to be used in high school (but that's another post for another time). This is just an observance about human nature. What I've noticed from the small taste of life I've had. And when I say everybody wants to be loved, I don't necessarily mean love in the romantic head-over-heels-we-were-made-for-each-other-and-will-be-eternal-companions sense. But we all honestly need love, in one way or another. We need affection.

And that's all I'm trying to say.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Due to:


So instead, let me advertise for a few reasons why me and Caroline can't entertain you.

1- Madrigal Feast. Go see it. Carlie has put SO much work into this and I'm sure it's going to be wonderful (I say this with surety even though I'm not going til Tuesday).

2- Gold Rush. The annual Christmas fundraiser at Lone Peak. Donate - be charitable, it's so worth it. Maybe then I'll get some sleep.

3- Musical Revue. "Christmas on Broadway" put on by the Productions Company of Lone Peak. This lovely show involves both of us. Running the 9th, 10th, and 13th.

The end.