this lovely lady

name: Caroline Grace Hansen. I really love the name Caroline. For most of my life, everyone has called me Carlie. My parents gave me that nickname and it stuck. I love that name, too. I like having two names. So, Caroline or Carlie? Or Carl? Or Garlic? (Yes. I have been called Garlic before, but don't worry. It was all in good fun.) Carlisle? Carlsbad? Crayola? (a personal favorite, coined by my brother.) Ok, name is Caroline Grace Hansen.
secret ambition: To publish a book that people will enjoy. (I've always wanted this. If I tell people, they think about it, and realize, "Hey! That fits you!" but I have to say something first. People don't just peg me as a writer. I wish they did more often, because it's something that I've always loved, and frankly, I think I have a knack for it.) I've also always wanted to become a photographer. I love capturing perfect moments on film, or an expression on someone's face that lasts forever in a photograph.
irrational fear: Blowing glass. Ok...if you were blowing glass, and you accidentally inhaled...would you get a mouth and throat full of hot, molten glass? I've always wondered...that's probably not how it works, but to be on the safe side, I don't think I'll ever be a glass blower.
favorites: Red. Christmas. You've Got Mail. Pizza. Zooey Deschanel. Singing. Laughing my head off. Dancing like a maniac. Cuddling. Balloons.
family: They're wonderful, supportive, and eternal. I'm the oldest. My mom is my confidant and the person I go to for any advice I need. My dad is my friend in musical interests and random thought processes. My siblings are examples to me. I try to be for them. My family is my home. My family is eternal; I have a testimony of that. I have a testimony of my church because of what I've been taught. I am grateful for my family.
friends: I've always been good at making friends. It's something about me that I really appreciate. I love my friends. I love the relationships I have built with them. I enjoy being with classy people, one reason Anna and I are so close. I have a support system in my friends. I have friends to go to the movies with, friends to cry about things with, friends to laugh hysterically for hours with, and friends to have deep discussions with.
I am confident. I am myself. I enjoy being myself. I hope you do, too. 

With love,
Caroline Grace