Saturday, November 27, 2010

for these things we give thanks

This week... the week of being thankful.
(Although, every week should be a week of giving thanks, don't you think? We just pay particular attention to the things we're thankful for on the fourth Thursday of November. And everyone enjoys a little [or a lot] of turkey.)

What am I thankful for? Well. Many things.

Comfy couchs. iPods. Toothpaste. Pretty pictures of my friends. My friends themselves. William Shakespeare. (Ok. Think about that one for a minute. Shakespeare is...Shakespeare, which already constitutes gratitude, but he also came up with a bunch of fun everyday expressions that everybody uses: "Method to my madness", "in a pickle"...yep. Grateful for Shakespeare.) Balloons. Umbrellas. (they keep us dry+they're cute.) Cameras. Hot tubs. Family. Toy Story. Texting. Pancakes. Christmas lights. Kung Fu Panda. Swing Dancing. Legos. Disneyland. My legs. Spiral staircases. Tennis shoes. Indoor plumbing. My English teacher. Simplified sheet music. Vintage things. Sewing machines. Trampolines. Sleeping bags. Orange Sherbet. Haircuts. Mapquest. Clouds shaped like animals.

Have you thought of those everyday things? We all think of the big things; my family and their support. My health, my food, my house. But what about those small things that make you happy? That movie that always makes you laugh, or that flavor of ice cream that you love. Remember those things, too. What are YOU thankful for?

With love,
Caroline Grace

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