that lovely lady

My name is Anna Elizabeth. Anne (with an e, of course). Anna Banana. Ann Banann. Ponies. Bananna. Anna Bear. 
I'm not even going to try to explain myself - it'll only confuse you.
And me, for that matter.
Instead, here are some facts:

Fact: I like laughing.
Fact: I love my religion.
Fact: I try to be classy.
Fact: Usually I don't succeed. Usually I appear awkward.
Fact: My brain is not scientifically or mathematically driven. It does not function that way. Instead, it is full of words and images and history facts and faces and ideas and fiction.
Fact: Painting makes me happy.
Fact: My love for The Chosen One and his story go way back.
Fact: Being in the kitchen brings me joy.
Fact: It wasn't until I moved out that I realized I am generally a tidy person. Well... maybe not naturally, but I really like things to be tidy.
Fact: When eating pasta, I prefer no parmesan.
Fact: Food. I love it. 'Specially seafood.
Fact: My family is my greatest comfort.
Fact: Camping. That rocks.
Fact: I obey rules. I am not all that rebellious. Sorry if you're looking for stories of... rebellious stuff.
Fact: This list is getting old.

Much love,
Anna Elizabeth