Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A challenge.

In the past 5 days or so, the topic of service has been brought up in my life multiple times.

There was the seminary lesson where we learned about angels, the church lesson where we learned about charity (though I'm not saying this is a synonym for service, because it's not), and last night at a fireside we learned about angels once again.

I think that maybe all of this emphasis on love and service was for me, and something I really needed to hear...

You see, with this last month of high school, I've been lazy. I'm taking no hard classes, did my one ap test, and now I just feel done. Many of you probably know the feeling. If not, I guarantee you will at some point. I've got a bad case of Senioritis. I get home from school and I take a nap (confession: Monday, I took 2), then wake up, eat dinner, waste time online, and go to bed again.

But I realized something - I can use all this extra time I have to do something. I've been given this last month of high school to help others, not to be selfish and do nothing.

Maybe, if I let the Lord guide me, I'll end up finding someone who needs a good talk. I shouldn't waste all my lunch period in the same place as always - I should wander around and let the steps take me where they will.

So today my goal is to find one person in need of service. Just one. It may be someone I know, and it may be a complete stranger. Either way, I'm not going to hesitate to help them. I'm not going to ask questions, second guess myself, or be crippled by fear and intimidation.

Then tomorrow, I'm going to find two people.

The next day, three.

And so on until I lose count and this impulsive and in-tune service becomes habit.

If I may, I'd like to challenge all of you to do the same. Next time you're bored, or have some spare time, go serve.

And let me know how it goes. Personally, I'm fully expecting an increase of happiness in my life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

being yourself

It's so...incredibly important.

As I am preparing to...venture into the adult world (HA), I am beginning to recognize how vital it truly is to be yourself.

It's totally cliche, and we've all heard it way too many times, but seriously? Who else can you be if not yourself?

How are people supposed to get to know you if you don't know yourself? Or if you pretend to be something else?

Ah. The anticipation of college and meeting new people.



Also, you want to know something else?

Being yourself is a trend right now. Oxymoronic, right? A trend means lots of people are doing it, correct? Like this new, "I AM NOT CONFORMING TO YOUR NORMS: FASHION, SOCIETY, OR POLITICS. I WILL BE DIFFERENT."

It's ok to be different. It's just interesting to me when people are different simply for the sake of it. You should believe in your differences. It shouldn't be a show, or something to gain attention with. It should be something that you, as an individual human being, want to do. Conforming to non-conformity is just plain silly.

This post is neither eloquent nor very uplifting, but I felt I needed to say it. Thoughts?

My Story About the Armpit of Utah

There I am, working my little heart out.

Usually, I'm in a not-so-good mood when I work - I'm tired, I want to be home, I'm sweaty, and I don't like dealing with negative customers.

And then this adorable grandma comes up. She pays for her meal asking, "Can I write a check?" (and this reminds me of Thoroughly Modern Millie). She signs it with a beautiful cursive signature that only the old people have - you know the one?

When I inform her that her table will be ready in 5 minutes, she just stays up at the front with me. And since I'm on stationary cashier that night, I just stand there with her.

She makes a comment about how "this place is hoppin!" and I concur. She tells me how nice it is to have a place like this in highland. Then she proceeds to tell me how she just moved back here after many years. She used to live here when there was one red churchhouse and AF was known as "the armpit of Utah". She tells me how nice people here are. How she'll go to the grocery store and people offer their help because they "can tell [she's] handicapped".

I just stand there and listen, grinning. She asks me questions, like if I live in Highland too.

Basically, she made my night. And here's what she taught me:

A happy attitude is contagious.

Her smiles and genuine happiness made me smile. And I didn't stop for the rest of the night. Needless to say, that shift went a lot faster than usual. All my tasks became easier.

So I'm really grateful that woman came in...