Sunday, November 28, 2010

Salsa Teaching Lessons

Oh, no no no.... not salsa as in dancing.

(Though how fun! I think I'll learn sometime.)

Salsa as in the food.

The stuff you put on eggs, nachos, etc. That stuff.

Well, today it taught me a lesson (Count on me to find lessons from my food. *eye roll* Remember how I love food? Yes, I remember that).

There I am, preparing to go to church, eating my eggs I had made in a rush, and I look down. "Wow. These eggs are a little bland." I say (in my head). But I even had cheese on top! However, I was sick of the same old thing. Of late it seems I've been eating lots of eggs flavored with cheese. Regular, plain-old cheddar cheese.

So then (in my head) I say, "Hey. Maybe some salsa would be good with this?"

Here's the thing though - I don't really like salsa (Or do I? Read on). I usually find that when I add salsa to a dish, it takes away more than it actually adds - it overpowers. So when I have nachos or something that typically has salsa on it, I... don't. I just don't.

But here I am thinking about putting salsa - a food I "don't" like - on my eggs.

So I did it.

And you know what? I really liked it. Those eggs were good.

And that salsa taught me a lesson:

People always tell you to try new things. Try this new food. This new sport. This new style. Just do it. It's healthy, right? You'll never know unless you try.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
I agree with all of that above.


What about trying old things?

What about tasting that food you thought you hated? Salsa? I had convinced myself I didn't like it, but today I discovered I actually did. It was all just in my head (literally). Because that salsa made those eggs really really good.

We get into this comfort zone about life. I'll be honest - I really like my comfort zone. I like going to Cafe Rio and always getting the pork burrito or pork salad. I like going to Maggie Moos and getting Pistachio and Black Cherry mixed. I like wearing a boring white v-neck with jeans. I like hanging out with my best friends.

But sometimes, you have to try things you think you don't like.

, you have to be willing to do things that might seem repulsing to you. That you really don't like. What if I hadn't taken the risk and poured that salsa on my eggs? Then I'd be writing a post about how I don't like salsa.

And doesn't that sound boring?

I once read somewhere that you have to try something ten times to develop a taste for it.

That possibly means nine times where (in your head) you're saying, "This tastes disgusting."

So go out there and try that thing you don't really like. Develop a taste for the old hatreds. Maybe you're right there at number nine.

All it's going to take is one more try and there you go - you've found a new love.

...Welcome to the comfort zone, Salsa.

Anna Elizabeth

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Miss Shelby said...

I should really take this advice...we are in the same boat: pork burrito, very yellow marshmellow with rainbow sprinkles.