Saturday, January 8, 2011

on friday:

I saw a certain man at the store.

he looked young, probably in his early twenties. he was wearing a plaid shirt, and stood examining the flowers they had for sale. he looked a little bit lost, as if he wasn't sure what to get. I smiled to myself, hoping that the person he was buying flowers for would love them even if they weren't perfect.

I proceeded to check-out, and then to the parking lot. I saw him walking to his car, flowers in hand.
I was a little bit proud of him.


I talked to some of my closest girlfriends for two hours straight.
we shared advice, shared stories, shared food, and shared laughter.

the other day:
My little siblings were watching a movie upstairs.
It was quiet for a little while. They were obviously distracted.
A bubbling giggle, loud and completely honest, floated down the stairs.
(my littlest brother.)


lindsey; said...

this is why you're my favorite person, carlie.

Caroline Grace: said...