Monday, January 10, 2011


So I'm totally relaying a moment similar to Caroline's.

And in you're head you're saying, "What?! Plagiarist. Fake. I only read this blog because of Caroline anyway! She's the clever one."

And to that I say, "I'm sorry. Too bad I've written a lot on here. Deal with it. And my idea stealin'."

Ah, just kidding. I know you all are lovely people. Thanks for readin'.

But I digress.

There I am: Walmart.

Grocery shopping with my mother. She sends me on an errand to go get breadcrumbs. And I cheerfully (or not so cheerfully - i can't remember my mood. we'll say it's happy, shall we?) canter through the aisles to find those darn breadcrumbs.

It's crowded.

So I almost bulldoze a man with a walker.

Luckily, though, I stopped myself (good thing too. that would have been mighty embarrassin'. [tangent tangent. excuse ma strange language. i'm feelin' the suthurn type 'a talk today].

Oh, yes. So I stopped myself. And waited to let him pass.

He was old. Very old. White hair, slightly crouched, leaning on his walker. I stopped my parade through the store and waited to let him pass. I didn't want to appear rude.

But you know what?

He stopped. To let me pass.

He motioned with his frail little hand for me to continue in front of him, and I smiled, and continued. As I was passing and thanking him, he said,

"Ladies first."

He said it like it was an obvious truth. I could hear the "Well of course!" in his voice. And inside my heart got all warm. And I thought, "You know. His wife is one lucky lady." A lucky lady, because he treats her like one.

And I also thought that he had probably been taught all his life that ladies go first. Because that's just how life is. Ladies are special, and should be treated with all the respect in the world. Even if you're frail and cripple and the lady is able to quickly stop for a moment to let you pass, she must go first. Because she's a lady.

I really wish old-fashioned chivalry like that was still drilled into men.

Love from a lady,
Anna Elizabeth

p.s. for whatever reason, i'm sick of capitalizing. i used to only do lower case online because of laziness, but then i felt like this labeled me as a common teen unable to spell, use punctuation, or express intelligent thoughts.... because of laziness (that part was entirely right, of course). so i think i might start a revolt for a while since i am now sick of capitalizing. it looks stiff.... maybe it's just all the school papers i've been a'writin. i don't know. either way, think of me as still literate, okay? thanks y'all.

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