Wednesday, December 29, 2010


.....Add on? Addon? Add-on?! What is the correct way to spell this word? Is it a word?

Bah. I don't know.

Obviously, Addon is not correct. I know it's not one word. But, hey! It looks like some cool trendy baby name for a celebrity's son! Angelina, Madonna - you're welcome.

Oh, sorry. I deviate from my point (which you really don't know yet).

So. Adding on. That's what I'm doing. Adding to the list.

The lovely list. Isn't it great? Why, I think so. See, this is why I asked Caroline to post again. Because I'm not as cool as she is. Because really, folks - she's so cool.

As soon as I saw the list, I immediately thought of someone who must be on there. Must!

So here is my Addon:


full name: Gilbert Blythe
memorable quote: "Things can't go on like this any longer. Anne, I love you. You know I do. I-I can't tell you how much. Will you promise me that someday you'll be my wife?"
book: Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables series, volume 3), by L. M. Montgomery

If I could meet any fictional character, it would probably be Gil.... Like, really. You know what I love about him? He's such a gentleman, as men of that time period tended to be. I wish I could live back then, sometimes (not just because of the men, of course - the dresses, the simplicity, the classy feel). I often wish I lived long ago. Then I remember flushing toilets and I feel content again.

...Ahem. Gilbert.

And you know what else? He's not some totally perfect man. He makes mistakes, and does some stupid things. He's human. Which I think is pretty attractive (girls, this is why Edward is a terrible choice for expectations). Gil does sometimes doesn't treat Anne as he should. Mostly when they're young, but still. He gets confused and complicates their relationship. He sometimes doesn't communicate correctly. He snubs her out of revenge. He attempts to make her feel jealous.

He's just a normal guy. Married to Anne Shirley, my idol. Gee, do I wish I was her sometimes.

Anna Elizabeth

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