Friday, November 19, 2010

the first of many

Welcome, lovely reader.

I'm Caroline,

and I'm Anna.
Today is truly a lovely day,
especially since you decided to read this.

We're ever so glad you stopped by,
and hope you'll come back often.

We are two girls who enjoy blogging,
as well as life. We enjoy it quite a lot.

We sing, we dance, we laugh,
and we make wishes and mistakes.
We dream dreams and appreciate
brightly colored balloons.

We like friends,
we like family,
we like church.
We relish in happy thoughts and
spontaneous adventures,

and we like you,
for reading these adventures.
We hope to inspire,
and to bring a smile to that lovely face of your's.

We know adventure is out there, so join us in our quest for it,
be it simple, fantastic, comedic, or somber.
Take your balloon and
hold on for dear life; grab your scarf
and goggles. Let's fly!

With love,

Caroline Grace
Anna Elizabeth


lindsey; said...


Melody Wood said...

I have been waiting for this one. (:(:

Mallory and Hannah said...

You ladies are cuties!

Love, The Flies.
(namely Mallory.)